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IRS | Latest News

Everything that new with IRS

The IRS Bottleneck Most Taxpayers Have Never Heard Of - Forbes | 27-07-2021

Senator: Bipartisan infrastructure bill loses IRS provision - Associated Press | 18-07-2021

The IRS is sending 1.5 million additional unemployment insurance refunds - CNBC | 28-07-2021

IRS launches 'Tax Pro Account' feature - Journal of Accountancy | 20-07-2021

Why Some Taxpayers Got Three Checks From The IRS In July - Forbes | 22-07-2021

Child tax credit payment delays frustrating families in need - The Washington Post | 27-07-2021

New Jersey Man Convicted of Conspiring to Defraud IRS in Mortgage-Withholding Tax Scheme - Department of Justice | 23-07-2021

The IRS is a hot mess: Millions of tax returns haven’t been processed, and calls are going unanswered, including mine - The Washington Post | 02-07-2021

Hayward tax preparer, busted by undercover IRS agent, sentenced to federal prison for filing false return - The Mercury News | 28-07-2021

4 million unemployment refunds in July: Tax transcripts, IRS schedule and more - CNET | 28-07-2021

Mistake creates $2 million of extra income, IRS asking for pile of cash - | 28-07-2021

IRS proposes new rules for e-filing information returns - Accounting Today | 26-07-2021

For Republicans, Deep Wounds Fuel Resistance to Bolstering the I.R.S. - The New York Times | 23-07-2021

IRS Community Assistance Visit in Lake Charles - KPLC | 28-07-2021

The IRS is sending millions of unexpected refunds this week. See if you qualify. - SFGate | 15-07-2021