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IRS | Latest News

Everything that new with IRS

If you earn more than $100,000 and haven’t paid your taxes, an IRS officer may soon show up at your front door - The Washington Post | 22-02-2020

Failed to pay taxes? If you make over $100,000, the IRS may visit - Los Angeles Times | 19-02-2020

Sign IRS Tax Returns Under Penalty Of Perjury, Don’t Take It Lightly - Forbes | 24-02-2020

Facebook sued by the IRS for $9 billion in unpaid taxes - The Verge | 19-02-2020

IRS hiring more employees to help amid tax season - KRGV | 24-02-2020

Surprise! - IRS Guidance is Lacking - AgWeb | 23-02-2020

Enchant Energy praises new IRS tax credit rules - Albuquerque Journal | 22-02-2020

Failed to Pay Your Taxes? The IRS May Pay You a Visit - Bloomberg | 19-02-2020

Early IRS Numbers Show Taxpayers Aren’t Rushing To File Taxes In 2020 - Forbes | 11-02-2020

Many taxpayers can use IRS Free File to file their taxes at no cost - | 23-02-2020

IRS backtracks on whether video game currencies are taxable - The Verge | 14-02-2020

Is Owing the IRS Money a Bad Thing? Not Necessarily. - The Motley Fool | 16-02-2020

IRS encouraging taxpayers to use free tax preparations and filing - KOLO | 28-01-2020

After Confusion, IRS Clarifies Tax Treatment Of Fortnite & Gaming Currencies - Forbes | 15-02-2020

'It's aggravating' | Need IRS tax help in Knoxville? Get ready to drive. - | 21-02-2020