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Facebook | Latest News

Everything that new with Facebook

County to hold Facebook Live sessions on virus - Daily Astorian | 21-04-2021

Brace yourselves. Facebook has a new mega-leak on its hands - Ars Technica | 21-04-2021

Facebook is joining the (very) crowded audio space with soundbites, live rooms and podcasts - CNN | 20-04-2021

Is Facebook Buying Off The New York Times? - Washington Monthly | 19-04-2021

Facebook cracked down for the Chauvin verdict. Why not always? - Los Angeles Times | 20-04-2021

Facebook pivots to audio - The Verge | 20-04-2021

Facebook, Google and Amazon are reaping the benefits from advertising's pandemic hot streak - CNBC | 21-04-2021

MEMernet: Beautiful Facebook, Sticker Shock, and a Complicated Restaurant - Memphis Flyer | 21-04-2021

Facebook downplays data breach in internal email - BBC News | 20-04-2021

Wisconsin newspapers sue Google, Facebook - WEAU | 21-04-2021

Done with Facebook? Here's how to export all your old posts - Komando | 21-04-2021

Facebook prepares for Chauvin verdict by enforcing its rules - ABC News | 20-04-2021

Facebook is expanding Spotify partnership with new ‘Boombox’ project - TechCrunch | 19-04-2021

Facebook Should Dial Down the Toxicity Much More Often - The Atlantic | 21-04-2021

iOS 14.5 launches next week, takes on Facebook and Google tracking - CNET | 20-04-2021