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Verizon | Latest News

Everything that new with Verizon

Are you not entertained? - Verizon Communications | 08-04-2020

Verizon canceling FiOS installs and telling customers to wait a few months - Ars Technica | 08-04-2020

Verizon refuses to give DSL users its low-income deals during pandemic - Ars Technica | 07-04-2020

Verizon is Cancelling Home Internet Installations & Repairs, Offering Appointments in November - Cord Cutters News, LLC | 08-04-2020

Free educational resources for V Team parents. - Verizon Communications | 07-04-2020

Verizon launches small business webinar series - Verizon Communications | 06-04-2020

Verizon Boosts Free Digital Education Amid COVID-19 Tension - Nasdaq | 08-04-2020

How to change or downgrade your Verizon plan - Android Central | 07-04-2020

Verizon stops technicians from going into homes, businesses - Turn to 10 | 08-04-2020

Verizon's CEO on Peak Traffic, Cybersecurity, and Leading a Team from Home - Harvard Business Review | 03-04-2020

The retail redeployment: How'd they do it? - Verizon Communications | 07-04-2020

Verizon helps eliminate worry for customers during time of great need - Verizon Communications | 23-03-2020

4/7 Update - Verizon Communications | 14-03-2020

The New York Times Company and Verizon offer 14M students free access to - Verizon Communications | 06-04-2020

AT&T to lose more than Verizon from the merger, as T-Mobile and Sprint users dig 5G - PhoneArena | 08-04-2020