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Visa | Latest News

Everything that new with Visa

B1 and B2 visa holders can now apply for Jobs and give interviews in the US - Y-Axis Solutions Private Limited | 24-03-2023

Huge setback for Indians in US! EB-2 visa gets retrogressed. Details here | Mint - Mint | 24-03-2023

VisaGuide - Vietnam PM Requests Extending Visa Waiver Scheme in Efforts to Boost Tourism - VisaGuide.World | 26-03-2023

Visa stock is up 1,900% since its record-breaking IPO 15 years ago—what's next? - MarketWatch | 25-03-2023

US EB-2 visa retrogresses for India: What it means for your Green Card application - The Economic Times | 24-03-2023

Sweden Wants to Impose Visa Restrictions on Venezuelans, Following Spike in Asylum Applications ... - | 26-03-2023

New Saudi tourist visa opens up the country to Gulf expat travellers - Middle East Eye | 26-03-2023

H-1B visa: Laid-off workers in US get B1/B2 cushion - The Indian Express | 23-03-2023

US visa: You can apply for new employment, appear in job interviews on business, tourist, B-1, B-2 visa - The Economic Times | 23-03-2023

Bolivia Expects EU to Permit Visa-Free Entry for Its Citizens Soon - - | 23-03-2023

Vague Visa Rules Leave Laid-Off Twitter Worker Unable To Return ... - Reason | 25-03-2023

DOT eyes more e-visas for tourists from China, India - | 26-03-2023

How study visa fraud shattered their Canadian dream - The Tribune India | 26-03-2023

With H1B visa getting tougher, check THIS viable option for job seekers to enter US | Mint - Mint | 24-03-2023

Delhi to Mumbai, list of cities with longest vs shortest US visa wait time | Mint - Mint | 24-03-2023